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From validation to verification, appending and more. Experience real time blacklist monitoring, abuse handling and marketing advice all for one low monthly price.



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Email Validation

Remove syntax errors, unicode errors, department, spamtraps, litigators and protestors from email marketing lists.

Email Verification

Verify deliverables and report back bounces, challenge responses, mail block relay, forwarders and false positives.

Email Appending

Fill in desired missing data elements such as name, email, address, phone, IP, source and more.

Blacklist Monitoring

Real time email notifications, abuse advice and blacklist handling.

Plans and Pricing

Choose between validation, verification, appending or blacklist monitoring. Verification plan includes (comes with) everything below.


Unlimited API
  • spamtraps
  • complainers
  • litigators
  • botclickers
  • duplicates
  • disposables
  • departmentals
  • syntax errors
  • format errors
  • bad mx
  • verifies rdns
  • open relay checks
  • if parked
  • incorrect spelling
  • false positives
  • slow responses
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  • date/time stamp
  • ip
  • source
  • name
  • address
  • phone
  • other
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Blacklist Monitoring

Abuse Handling
  • ip blacklistings
  • real time stats
  • email notifications
  • abuse advice
  • how to remove
  • consultation
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“We had a major problem with css and didn’t know where to turn. ESP’s would shut us down left from right because our data was questionable. We knew our data wasn’t full of traps because we mailed to it years ago. It was just old. eHygienics scrubbed up our lists and appended the right and accurate information to it which helped us send our mail without complaints or blacklistings. We are impressed and looking forward to a long business relationship.”


“Email marketing has made a comeback, and surprisingly, so has eHygienics. We were having issues with our B2B data which seemed to be mailing into a blackhole which in return didn’t send back a false positive. We were mailing into bounces, which were but not reported as such, in turn got us blocked on some of the major networks. eHygiencs consulted with us and fixed our issues within a week. They were also able to connect us to their new blacklist monitoring tool which is a gem!”


“Our system administrator accidentally deleted all of our multicolumn data. We lost all of our optin information and only had email addresses. A quick Google search online and we found eHygienics which replaced all of our missing records. We signed up to their verification platform to help us clean up our deliverables which helped out greatly. We are testing the blacklist monitoring. So far so good.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What does "unlimited" mean?

Unlimited means as much as our system can handle per client. Our validation server can handle 10 million records an hour (each client can upload 1 million records each and have 10 files scrubbing at once). Our verification server can scrub 200,000 – 1 million records per day per client.

How does your system handle verification intelligence?

We have partnered with many data providers and email marketers whom provide us with their intelligent feeds in tandem with our inhouse mailing results to provide actual deliverables and report on consistent return paths. Many of our intelligent providers interact with our appending server in real time providing us with unique abilities to separate real email addresses from phony ones.

Can I unsubscribe any time I wish?

We are a month to month provider. We require a 3 month commitment and after that, you may pause or continue at any time. However, if you were grandfathered in at a certain price, you must continue paying monthly to stay at that price or everything goes to regular pricing.

What packages can you provide if we go the Verification route?

If you purchase our Unlimited Verification at $3,000 per month with a minimum commitment of 3 months, we will provide appending, consulting and blacklist monitoring for free.

What separates you from your competition?

What competition? We don’t focus on anything but our clients and what they desire. We then build our services around their wants and needs. eHygienics is a monthly subscription company servicing email marketers. Our commitment is to provide a great service for one low monthly price. The fear of large costly database cleaning must be quenched and we are the ones that will make a difference in this industry with timely services at one low monthly cost. We are not interested in your one time deal. We are interested in your monthly commitment. Spamtraps are inside every list big and small and in order to continue mailing in the email marketing industry, one must clean their lists of all threats.

How much data can we append to?

Our appending server have over 1 billion unique addresses that you can append to.

How big is your database of spamtraps?

Our static and real time lists grow daily. Currently, we have almost 10 million top level, cable and spamcop traps including over 50,000 spam fighter administrator mx IP’s.

What is the diference between validation and verification?

Validation remove threats and errors while verification removes mostly bounces.

Email List Validation: Removal of spamtraps, static bounces, complainers, litigators, duplicates, disposables, departmentals, botclickers, false positives, slow responses, format errors, unicode characters and checks the mail exchange record for numerous warning signs.

Email List Verification: Removal of bounces (hard, transient or soft), vacation emails, challenge responses, replies from list servers, feedback reports, mail block relay, forwarders and false positives.

Why were so many emails removed from my file?

According to several white listed ISP’s, bounces grow 3 – 7% every month a list isn’t mailed. If your list has been sitting around, traded or harvested, there is a significant chance that the data has many imperfections. Usually this question arises from a client who purchased a large list. Our “out of box” process removes 100% of all threats we find so that you do not come back to us with problems. Our system was build to tweak so you can mold the scrubbing process scrub to fit your needs.

How do you know these are real spamtraps?

Spam fighters share common techniques, software and hardware to fight spam. System administrator set their servers to block or blackhole incoming traffic with certain IP addresses that are switched often. Monitoring each administrator and their response is crucial in order to follow their next configuration to reduce the false positive factor. eHygienics uses a proprietary monitoring tool that follows thousands of system administrator tweaks which helps update their validation server in real time.

How do you classify a hard bounce?

Mailservers respond to requests with smtp error codes which show the email does not exist or is invalid. We have compiled these codes and assign them a hard bounce value. This information is fed into our appending platform where we match against our intelligence where we place a value delimiter per email.

Technical bounce classification:

According to the rfc logic:
– 5.2.1 is ‘mailbox inactive’.
– 5.1.1 is always ’email doesn’t exist’.

Is my data safe?

Our data is housed in a Tier IV facility which is both HIPAA and SSAE 16 certified. It is not in the cloud where security could be breached. We also have NDA agreements with many clientele. We are not interested in your data. We have enough partners worldwide and 1 billion records already therefore chances are we have the information already. That is how we are able to accurately append and verify emails.

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