The size of your list will determine how successful you are in email marketing. The smaller the list, the more you will get delivery. The larger the list, the more you will be blocked or filtered.  Successful email marketers use more than one ESP and never mail any more than 100,000.

Let’s take a small list for example. After email list verification (if you have allowed the list to age) you should have no issues getting delivery to your subscribers. But if your list is larger and you use email verification software, you may not have the best results

Here’s why. If you are not mailing your own ads, chances are that you are not the only emailer sending that information (the exact same ad) and therefore the advertisements will be targeted including the domain and IP’s that are sending out the copies. If the ad has hit the ISP hundreds of thousands of times, you are definitely not going to get into the inbox rather go directly to the spam filter or worse, blocked.

Bulk email marketing is dead. You will never be successful buying email software using VPN’s or PMTA’s. Getting mail through the large ISP’s require two things: 1.) White listing or 2.) Proxy. There is no in between anymore. That is why we are seeing a large request for our Email verification service.

If you have a large list and you spread out your campaigns through multiple ESP’s, you should have better success for delivery. You will need email verification tools to verify your email marketing lists because, as I have pointed out in recent articles, return paths can harm your inbox delivery.

You will need instant access to an email list verification service, too. When a subscriber fills out a form, the chances of them making a mistake are high. Directly sending an email to it could build bounces, so be careful. If you have a form page and a lot of subscribers daily, it wouldn’t hurt to hook up to an online email address verification API.