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2020: The Year Of Email Marketing And The Need For Email Validation Services

Email Validation Services

2020: The Year Of Email Marketing And The Need For Email Validation Services

2020: The Year Of Email Marketing And The Need For Email Validation Services

Email validation services and consistent data hygiene is a key component of email marketing which demands the most effective procedures.

That’s because keeping a healthy connection with Email Service Providers and Internet Service Providers is not that easy. Plus, it’s tough to make it to the inbox and gain a high deliverability rate.

Even though the email address procurement methods are natural, and they comply with all the standards for email marketing, they continue to run the danger of falling victim to spam traps. And since spamtraps, complaint rates and bounce rates will establish your credibility as a sender, you can’t spare to ignore this fact.

Having a poor sender reputation suggests that you won’t likely to get to the receiver’s inbox. Thus results in money, time and customers lost.

It is said that almost 105 billion emails are being sent every day. It is also expected that it will reach 246 billion by this year.

Looking into this, there’s no question about it; email marketing has never disappeared in the picture. As a matter of fact, it keeps on innovating and becoming more powerful.

Even last year, email messaging stays to be the most influential source of relevant information for B2B audiences, while customers who purchase a product by means of email devote 138% greater than those who didn’t obtain an email promotion.

If the email campaigns, you created, however, end up in the receiver’s spam folder. They’re USELESS.

Here’s the thing, off of the 269 billion emails sent and received in 2017, merely 28% made the cut to people’s inboxes. Shocking, isn’t it?

Ensuring that your message gets delivered straight to your subscribers’ inboxes should be your primary concern.

You want people to learn about your products/services, browse through your offers, and select you among your competitors through the emails you send, but unless you focus on the elements that have an effect on your email deliverability, your goal of getting people to read your emails could be incredibly difficult to achieve.

What is email validation?

Also called “mailing list validation,” paid or free email validation service is the process of inspecting if an email address is valid and deliverable without having to send out a test email.

Email validation performs an important role in making sure the deliverability of any marketing email.

This is simply because if an email message you send gets directed to the spam or is marked undeliverable or void, email consumers ultimately perceive it as a signal that you’re sending low-quality emails.

In short, you could have a list of 100,000 email addresses, half of the said email addresses valid but 50 percent of those are no longer active or invalid, not only are you beginning your campaign with unrealistic expectations, you’re making email clients think you’re sending spam.

The procedure of validating your email lists before sending helps lead to lower bounce rates, less spams, and high sender scores and open rates, which all serve to help your email deliverability and eventually lead to email marketing effectiveness.

Methods to Verify Emails

There are two approaches to email verification. Which approach you choose will depend upon the timeframe in which you need the results and the level of verification you wish to receive.

  • Use an API to validate emails in real time as you capture them on your website.
  • Send an entire list for group processing, download the final results and add the invalid emails to an elimination list.

The consequences of an ill-managed email database include:

  • Lost revenue
  • Surge marketing expenses
  • Sales inadequacies
  • Poor customer experience
  • Damaged sender reputation

While email address validation can transform these downsides around, it is very important to bear in mind email verification isn’t a cure-all, or a one-time fix. Frequent list hygiene is imperative to avoid damage to your reputation, which indicates all marketers should stick to natural acquisition procedures, routinely clean out their lists and keep on use email verification as a safeguard.

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