Get the Best Email Verification Software – Things to Consider Before Choosing One

You’ll get lost in the idea of getting the best email verification software if you don’t know what things to spot for with all the services that are available from a list hygiene perspective. Good companies love to talk about their business and are keen with details for all the services they offer. Especially the sales person.

Below are the points to consider before choosing an email verification software to get the most out of your spending and ensure the success of your email marketing campaigns.

1. The golden rule in every email cleaning software is to verify email addresses without notifying the email owners about it. The verification process must be done in incognito.

2. The email verification software must be used even if your ISP blocks the port 25. Email verification tools use this port to connect with the recipient’s mail server and imitate the sending of email (SMTP handshakes). The company should have an alternative method to get this done.

3. The software should be able to scrub email lists in high volume. A good email verifying software should handle up to one million emails at a time.

4. Input and output file formats should be the same regardless of a multi-column file after the software verifies the list and have a flexible save or export option for good and bad emails.

5. The verification software should have the feature which can create a direct link to your database. It should be able to verify email addresses without export-import and write the verification results into the database (for instance, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and other databases). All done via API.

6. Disclosures on the accuracy of the service and possible IP to be blacklisted. Many companies overpromise just to get the client to sign up for the services they offer. But we think you should be aware that there’s a possible risk for your IP to get blacklisted if you use the direct Internet connection mode to the recipient’s mail server on a local computer, although we provide alternative connection methods that we use to get this done. Also, the accuracy of the software doesn’t guarantee to be 100%; generally, email verification software can determine about 70-80% of invalid email addresses. Choose an email list hygiene software with a built-in bounce handler.

7. The software has an option to check greylisted emails and provide spam trap removal. The use of this technology can prevent spam that can potentially ruin your deliverability, IP reputation and sender score.

8. Make sure that the software you choose is user-friendly, reliable, fast and that the support team will guide you every step of the way.

Email marketing is the most convenient and effective way to reach your subscribers. The more you can connect with them, the more likely you will profit. But to gain success on email marketing, you have to make sure that your list is healthy, meaning, no bad email addresses and a low to zero bounce rate. Thus, giving you the benefit of a high performing outgoing mail server and an increase in your email marketing campaign statistics.

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