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How do you control IP blacklisting for your email servers

How do you control IP blacklisting for your email servers

There are several domain and IP services where you can check to see if you are listed on any blackhole servers (blacklists). Spam fighters setup their servers to monitor incoming spam to use for filtering purposes and if your list has any email spam traps inside it, you will most definitely be listed. But how do you control IP blacklisting for your email servers?

It all depends on these factors:

  • Spam trap removal service
  • Email software
  • Domains
  • IPs

Spam Trap Removal Service

Obviously, since I own a list hygiene company. I would recommend you use one. An email hygiene company must understand who are the spam fighters and monitor their blackhole servers in order to remove the traps that they set via IP’s, domains and TLD traps. Keep in mind that no one can remove 100% of the spamtraps, because the only way to catch a TLD trap is to hit a TLD trap and since spam fighters change IP’s frequently, there are times when the hygiene company has to switch and find them, but a hygiene company will really make a big difference in controlling your IP blacklisting when sending email. You need to scrub your lists at least once a month to remove spam traps.

Email software

Believe it or not, but the email software you use carries with it a signature that many ISP’s can track. Unless you understand how to mask the signature or are white listed, you are susceptible to being blocked. Before purchasing any email delivery software, do some research on what the ISP’s think of that delivery platform. Email delivery software can affect the control of blacklisting for your email servers.


If you are starting an email campaign with a third party list and sending bulk email, most ISP’s now check the whois of the domain if thousands of emails are coming from it. If the domain is brand new, you are immediately blocked and reported. Many spammers use this technique to setup email campaigns by burning through domains and IP’s, which now is completely useless and frowned upon.


Like the above techniques with new domains, some use and throw away IPs to get their spam in. The IP’s will easily get blocked and/or reported depending on what spam fighter tools the ISP is using.

Stay away from snowshoe spamming and clean up your act. It’s antiquated and a waste of money. Every month ISP’s fix and make their networks more secure. If you’re serious about email marketing and want to control IP blacklisting for your email servers, you will need to remove spam traps (email list hygiene), own aged domains and IP’s. Contact ISP’s and subscribe to their feedback loops and throw away lists that you have purchased, leased, harvested or rented. There is a reason why such a large list is in your hands.

James Carner
CEO / Founder



James Carner is the premier private investigator of spam advisories. He held sales and marketing positions for software and telephony giants such as Epicor Software and Lucent Technologies in the 90’s, and for the past 25 years, James has serviced publishers and affiliates with email assistance, dynamic offers, targeted data, effective landing pages, form page leads and since 2009, has been exclusively performing real time API email list hygiene for select customers with and

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