Benefits Of Email List Validation And Data Enrichment

According to the statistics, 86% of business professionals prefer to use email messaging as a form of communication. It is said that email is one of the most effective ways to deliver messages for business purposes as it gives the highest ROI.

That is why there are businesses nowadays that are ready to spend money in email lead generation. They think that getting a list of email addresses will supply them with positive leads and produce sales. However, this belief is partly true and email list validation process must be done.

Email List Validation Service

Email list validation is a procedure that needs to be done right after you have collected a list of email addresses. This is a process in making sure that an email address is fully valid, owns by a real person,  and deliverable.

If you have a bulk lists of emails, it is important to validate to:

  • Increase email ROI
  • Lessen email bounce rate
  • Reduce the chance of negative engagement
  • Delete any inactive or outdated email addresses

You will be able to reach more leads, customers, and later on generated sales if you delete these negative engagements.

What is Email Data Enrichment?

Data enrichment is a set of procedure meant to improve the list of contacts. It works in refining the information and allows it to be accessed quickly, thus increasing the data value. It helps complete the attributes by obtaining and supplementing any missing information into the database.

Email list validation and Data enrichment

Merging both of email validation services and data enrichment process can provide you with a successful lead hunt. Here are the benefits of combining these two processes.

Better Sender Reputation

A sender reputation is a score designated by both Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Email Service providers (ESPs). Having a high sender reputation score means that your emails are more likely to be delivered successfully to their corresponding recipients. On the contrary, if your sender reputation score is quite low, chances your emails may be considered as spam or to be blocked.

Evading Blacklist

Email blacklist is a database that filters domain names and IP addresses who seldom sends spam email messages. The data are collected by email servers and obstructs any emails sent by the same domains and IPs from reaching its recipients.

With the combination of email address validation and data enrichment, it can help avoid blacklists. Moreover, focus to the value of abiding with the rules to avoid any consequences in the future. It is best to take note of the following:

  • An unexpected increase of emails you send from your domain or IP could be mistaken as spam emails.
  • Keywords and phrases that can triggered as spam.
  • Huge number of complaint rate. 0.5% complaint rate is already considered too high.

Much Better Deliverability Rate

The use of both processes drives to better delivery rate. The deliverability rate guarantees that your email will be read by your email leads. If the emails are sent successfully to the corresponding recipients’ inbox and not in spam folder, thus your deliverability passed.

It is a good lead hunt strategy if you combine both email validation service and data enrichment to your marketing plan. These two are considered an important process for every business who are yearning to improve sender reputation, delivery rate and ROI.

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