Importance and Benefits of having a Clean Mailing List

An enhanced and clean email list is crucial to an effective email campaign and acknowledging the return on investment. Typically, email lists drop by 23% every year because of a typical subscriber disintegration when people leave their recent companies or modify their private email addresses. Email experts advise that your lists must be constantly maintained. In the absence of consistent email list hygiene, invalid email addresses will start to build up in your mailing list and thus result in bounced email messages.

Verify Email Address

If you wish to examine your subscribers’ email addresses to decrease the threat of hard bounces, you may use an online email address verification service such as eHygienics that does all the things for you automatically by examining your email lists daily and getting rid of invalid emails.

Other email address validation tool involve manual work or, by exporting your CSV spreadsheets from your email marketing service provider and afterward eliminating invalid emails from the provider the final results are obtained.

You can also use email verification APIs. These call for high priced developers to perform and may not be the best option to consider for some companies.

Here are the benefits of a clean mailing list:

1. Protect Your Sender Reputation

A sender score is just like a credit score wherein it shows the email providers the credibility of your outbound emails. Sending out messages to several invalid email addresses will either compel the message to bounce or end up in the spam folder. According to most email marketers, bounce rates should not be beyond 3% to 5%. Having high bounce rates may harm your sender score and dispatch a warning to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) regarding your mailing methods.

2. Protection Against Blacklisting

Invalid, not working, and misspelled email addresses result in spam and being blocked by your ISP. Most email address verification services enable you to prevent the situation wherein your receivers will label you as spam, which can result in your emails being obstructed eventually.

3. Boost Your Revenue Opportunity

A more accurate and verified list let your emails land to the exact target market, thus increasing your opportunities of converting leads into paid clients. With any sort of email campaign, segmenting and sending out your email content to the appropriate audience guarantees your content to be opened, read and converted, resulting in a much higher ROI.

4. Lower The Cost Of Sending Emails

Sending out email messages to invalid or non existent accounts means money lost. Precise lists that feature best email validation will let you obtain much higher results.

5. Accurate Data Information

To utilize the ability of campaign insights begins with using quality data. Not only does it let you to properly define your target market, but IT provides you a more comprehensive blueprint of how your campaigns carry out gradually so you can determine the direct effect on ROI.


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