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Spam Trap Clean: The Best Way To Avoid These “Honeypots”

How To Scrub An Email List

Spam Trap Clean: The Best Way To Avoid These “Honeypots”

If you are new in the world of digital marketing, there is a big possibility that you might be a victim of spam traps. The only way to avoid them and create further complications is to conduct spam trap clean.

Spam Traps. What are they?

A spam trap is more like a honeypot used by email service providers, anti-spam organizations, and security companies to capture malware. Their primary objective is to trap people who send unwanted messages to email addresses that either stolen or mass purchased.

Sadly, even if you refrain from doing anything unethical, it is still easy to be captured. This is because many of the factors that trigger the spam trap involves not practicing good mailing list techniques. Most new marketers are commonly not educated enough to understand why they must take these preventative measures.

How to Avoid Spam Traps

Make use of Double opt-in

Double opt-in is the primary way to prevent spam traps from your list. A spam trap can’t opt-in. It also prevents typos and fake addresses from creating their way on to your list, and everyone who runs a mailing list must use it to always keep their list healthy.

Avoid Buying Mailing List

When purchasing a list, you may not realize if the proprietor has made use of appropriate collection procedures. There is a possibility you are purchasing a mailing list filled with spam traps. Avoid taking that risk. Remember, whenever you send email messages to people who have not subscribed in, you’re destroying some of the most vital marketing policy which is asking permission. It may lead to a higher amount of spam complaints, which will affect your credibility and email deliverability.

Eliminate inactive users

If you have subscribers who never open your email messages you must consider getting rid of them. This raises the possibility of your emails being identified as spam. Additionally, even though you accumulated a recent discarded email the proper way when it was active, it might still end up being a spam trap eventually! Frequently tidy your mailing using an email verification service to cease these traps in their monitorings.

How To Scrub An Email List

Keeping it cleaned up and concentrating your initiatives on active subscribers is the most effective strategy. Keep in mind to:

  • Connect to your subscribers before cleaning your mailing list. 
  • Set up campaigns about maintaining subscribers and keep track of the engagement.
  • Segment your mailing list based upon the engagement and think about using automation.
  • Whenever you clean your mailing list, you instantly put yourself on course for more desirable metrics.  
  • Transfer inactive subscribers away from your list. Don’t waste your effort creating materials for subscribers who won’t even appreciate it. This technique also maximizes space for new engaging subscribers.

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