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5 Effective Process On How To Scrub An Email List

scrub email list

5 Effective Process On How To Scrub An Email List

5 Effective Process On How To Scrub An Email List

How to scrub an email list effectively? – might be your first question. Email scrubbing removes inactive contacts from your mailing list. It enables marketers to guarantee high deliverability and sender reputation, lower bounce rates, and boost customer engagement.

Why is email list scrubbing so crucial? Getting rid of inactive subscribers is just one of the benefits of email list scrubbing. First of all, it can improve your open, response, and bounce rates without any other changes being made to your email marketing strategy. By reducing the number of inactive subscribers, your emails will reach the right people — people who will open and view your campaigns.

Furthermore, cleaning your email list will reduce the likelihood of campaigns being perceived as spam. Having an active subscriber list will also decrease the number of complaints about your emails being considered spam. It will also provide you with more insight into how your emails are performing.

Assume that after scrubbing your email list, you still can’t get your email campaigns performing as much as you had anticipated. You can now work on your current strategy with a clean slate while excluding the issue of inactive subscribers.

Last but not least, if you pay for an email marketing service, scrubbing your email list will save you money. Most marketing services or agencies charge clients according to the size of their email subscriber lists. With a clean email list, you’ll be able to reduce your current marketing costs.

How To Scrub An Email List?

You wonder how to clean an email list since your marketing team cannot function without a valid email address list. There are two ways to do this:

Look for syntax errors and typos in each email and ask for confirmation by sending a confirmation message. For small companies with ample time, this method might work.

Use an Email List Cleaning Service  

Marketing teams should consider email list cleaning services as an essential tool. They not only save time but also enhance performance. They provide effective results in a short time.

1. Analyze Which Lists Should Be Scrubbed

Begin by scrubbing the most active lists. Email lists are often segmented. Examine the most recent and most active addresses. This will ensure that only relevant recipients receive your emails.

Your old lists are next in line. Make sure your email addresses are still valid by using the email list cleaning service. If the client is still interested in your product, sending them a follow-up email would be helpful. Investing your time and energy into them without receiving any revenue back is a waste.

2. Review Your Bounce Rate

Check your bounce rate before you start scrubbing your email list. You can use this information to determine how efficient an email validation tool is. Zero bounce rates are ideal. While bounce rates of 2% are still allowed, it’s time to pay close attention to it if they exceed that level.

Recheck the rate after using an email list validation tool. There is a high chance you will see an improvement. In the event the bounce rate remains the same, you should pay attention to your content. Some ISPs likely consider your email to be spam.

3. Make Use Of An Email List Cleaning Tool

You don’t need any special knowledge to use an email validator. They are straightforward to use. However, the tool has no way to determine whether the potential customer is interested in your service. All it does is verify that the email address is valid and can receive messages. After that, you have to do the rest of the task.

The email list cleaning service notifies you of problems with email addresses that it cannot correct. You’ll find out whether your list has invalid addresses, addresses with syntax errors, or typos.

4. Be Attentive To Alerts

Look closely at the data provided by the email validation tool. Fix the data that the program application cannot do by itself. If you’re unsure if an address is valid, send “information update” requests.

An email validation API can help you avoid most typos. It instantly checks the address while the client adds it to the form. This will fix common errors so that only valid email addresses are added to your list.

5. Regularly Clean Your Email Lists

How often should you scrub email list? It may vary depending on your marketing campaign. Scrubbing the list every three months is sufficient when sending emails monthly. If you send messages every week, then you should at least clean the list once a month. When running a campaign that includes daily messages, it may be a good idea to clean the email list once a week.

Real-time email validation API can be used to validate newly added email addresses. Even the freshest and newest addresses could end up having a high bounce rate because of invalid addresses or deleted accounts.

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