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5 Best Practices For Email List Hygiene That You Must Do

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5 Best Practices For Email List Hygiene That You Must Do

5 Best Practices For Email List Hygiene That You Must Do

The term “email list hygiene” encompasses any methods of list management that ensure your email marketing campaigns are successful and reach their intended recipients. Depending on how you generate leads, this could mean eliminating inactive email addresses every month to every six months.

A better list with higher deliverability standards is the result.

What exactly is the definition of “email list hygiene”?

Cleaning up an email list can involve any of the following:

  • Removing typos, proven bogus email addresses, and duplicate addresses
  • Removing inactive subscribers based on current metrics
  • Getting rid of old, dead email addresses
  • By eliminating the causes of harsh rebounds
  • Getting rid of all known or likely spam traps

Cleaning email lists isn’t about engagement. Sending to the wrong addresses might reduce your sender reputation, causing engaged subscribers to miss your emails. Contacting inactive subscribers affects deliverability.

Mail sent to an inactive address may not have been ignored on purpose. Maybe the recipient checks that inbox infrequently, or they got filtered to junk mail. Many email providers report a sharp reduction in open rates after 120 days for emails sent to static addresses (ESPs). Following best practices for email list hygiene is crucial to avoid unfavorable results.

Best practices for Email List Hygiene

Email marketers can significantly cut down on email hygiene tasks by being proactive. More interested (and legitimate) recipients will be added to your lists if you write engaging emails, acquire qualified leads, and delete wrong or suspicious addresses.

Block fake email addresses:

Email validation is a practical step to take. The number of spam traps can be reduced by using a program or manually scanning through addresses to identify typos, then weeding out addresses with bounces. Using double opt-in methods, in which the recipient must confirm that they have received a confirmation email, is a straightforward approach to proactively conducting some of this work.

Only re-engage inactive email addresses:

After four to six months of inactivity, send an email requesting confirmation that the recipient wishes to continue receiving your messages. For those that continue to disregard your emails, be sure to remove them from your list. To avoid having more current subscribers unsubscribe as a default, sending these emails to inactive users is preferable.

Improve lead collection practices: 

As a result of unsubscribes, email deliverability declines. Double opt-in to refine your lead quality and convince consumers to give you their exact email addresses by promising them real value.

Avoid mass emailings: Spam complaints might result from sending to a large group without first personalizing or segmenting the list. As the number of emails you send outgrows, so does the number of spam complaints.

Check the email’s subject line: 

Improving open rates by writing catchier subject lines can keep your emails out of the spam bin.

Best practices for email list cleanliness, such as maintaining a list of active, responsive email addresses, can have a noticeable, beneficial effect on open rates. Consistent engagement from subscribers and additional evidence that you are an excellent sender will increase your deliverability rates over time.


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