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Scrub Email List: What Is Its Purpose And Why Do I Need It?

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Scrub Email List: What Is Its Purpose And Why Do I Need It?

Scrub Email List: What Is Its Purpose And Why Do I Need It?

What exactly is a “Scrub Email List”? You can only choose from among the email addresses provided. We can only hope that they are healthy. This means that you have not purchased a list from a 3rd party but have instead compiled email addresses from people who have expressed interest in your products or services through your website, physical location, or social media channels.

In contrast, a fresh email list only includes genuine people who might be interested in your product or service. These email addresses have all been used within the last month. They haven’t been shut out or forgotten about.

The following problems may arise if you neglect to scrub your email lists:

  • Potentially blacklisted if you fall for a spam trap.
  • Rather of being delivered, your messages may bounce.
  • The IP address of your mail server could be blacklisted.

If someone doesn’t want your services, you can keep attempting to reach them.

Providers of Internet access are making significant efforts to reduce the volume of spam messages delivered to their customers. The email you send could end up in the spam bin or perhaps have your IP address blocked thanks to their program.

Your objective is to send a virus-free email to the correct people without getting caught by the bird of prey. How does that work? What problems could come up along the way? As for how email list cleansing services can become your trusted ally: Continue reading!

What’s the Point of Investing in Email Scrubbing Services?

Let’s back up a minute and figure out why it’s important to employ email list cleansing services. What benefits do you reap from cleaning your email list?

1. Validation

Validity of the addresses you verify can be ensured by using an email validation service. Can you explain how it operates? The computer checks for correct address syntax by looking for typos and grammatical mistakes. The validity of the domain is then verified. The computer then “pings” the address to see if it is active and ready to receive emails.

All of this is executed in a way that causes the recipient no inconvenience. When performed by computer, such a verification only needs a few seconds. It can take you a few minutes to do it by yourself.

2. Increased Conversion

Better deliverability is the end consequence of employing mail list cleaning tools or manually inspecting addresses.

Look at this one easy case. You’ve decided to send out a hundred separate emails. Only 30 of them are answered. Your goal conversion rate is 30%. Now picture that ten of those emails — out of a total of a hundred — have failed to reach their intended recipients. Actually, your actual email sending total is 90. You have a conversion rate of 33% if just 30 of them result in a response (or action).

Look what transpires! When marketing emails don’t reach their intended recipients, it’s impossible to tell how successful those efforts have been.

3. Improved Reputation

Email sender reputation is damaged when you repeatedly transmit to the wrong individuals or when you utilize obsolete email addresses.

If people who don’t want your emails mark them as spam, your IP address will eventually get blacklisted.

When you share your email address with others, they may not receive your messages because of a simple error (typos can easily be caught by email validators).

Your email sender reputation and high bounce rate will likely cause your subscribers to never receive any of the messages they have requested.

Remember that the CAN-SPAM Act was enacted to prevent spam emails from reaching users. Having forgotten to sanitize your email lists is no excuse for breaking it.

4. Time and money saved

Businesses and marketing departments often prefer to frequently cleanse their email lists since it reduces costs. By reducing the frequency with which emails bounce, you can significantly reduce costs.

Don’t waste time studying the wrong marketing campaign data or sending out emails to the wrong people.

When they are working with an up-to-date mailing list, marketing teams have more time to devote to addressing other pressing concerns. They may see the data behind the campaign in a streamlined format.

However, you are spared the headache of dealing with IP or domain blacklisting. Email sender reputation restoration is difficult, time-consuming, and can be prohibitively expensive.

5. Enhanced Individualization

By simply looking at the address, several of the top email list cleaning services can give you vital details about your clientele. Obtaining a name and address can help your marketing efforts immensely.

Even though content is king, customization is a crown prince. The phrase “dear sir or lady” is now obsolete. If you want a response, your greeting needs to be lot more personable than that.

Experian found in 2017 that over a third of businesses worry that their email lists are of low quality.

You may be ahead of the game with a clean list while your rivals are scrambling to figure out why their emails are failing to deliver.


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