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What Is Email Scrubbing And Its Benefits

Email Scrubbing

What Is Email Scrubbing And Its Benefits

What Is Email Scrubbing And Its Benefits

You are in great trouble if you’ve hardly ever done any email scrubbing. There is a huge probability that you are sending out emails to individuals who will never open them.

That implies your call-to-actions aren’t being clicked on or even visited, thus you are wasting your time, effort, and even money on individuals that are no longer fascinated in receiving your email messages.

Your email lists will plummet by around 22% annually. Therefore, something has to be done to ensure you are sending email messages to individuals who only wish to receive them. That’s exactly why performing email list scrubbing is a must and you have to do this monthly.

What is Email Scrubbing?

This means you are cleaning your email list by getting rid of individuals who are never visiting, engaging, or even opening your emails. While scrubbing will lessen the amount of your list, it will enhance the list’s entire lifecycle.  

By eliminating unengaged email leads, you’re marketing to those that are willing to engage with your marketing campaigns.

Maintaining your cleaned lists has to be a vital aspect of your email marketing. We recommend you clean your lists once a month.

Email Indicator

But how do you know when is the perfect time to clean your email list?

The initial indicator must be in your standard email marketing statistics such as click-through rate, open rates and bounces.

Next off, we urge you to look deeper into your statistics and individual campaigns to see the number of unsubscribes and spam complaint rates.

If you notice that there are several subscribers on your list who are unsubscribing or reporting your emails as spam, this indicates that you must scrub your list immediately.

If you are seeing a drop in numbers from your open and click through rates, rising numbers of unsubscribers or spam complaints, it’s time to find an email cleaning service.

Advantages of Email Scrubbing: Here are a number of the advantages to email scrubbing:

Fewer Spam Complaints

Spam complaints happen all the time.

Some subscribers mark emails as spam for a reason, such as, they have forgotten that they signed up to your mailing campaign in the first place.

If Email Service Providers (ESPs) receive a lot of spam complaints from a specific domain, they’ll start to direct those emails directly to spam folders, or worse, they’ll blacklist your domain.

The ESPs will perform that for all your emails, not only the individuals who originally flagged the complaint.

Scrubbing your list will minimize the amount of spam complaints and will enhance your sender reputation.

Better Click-Through and Open Rates

If you’re scrubbing the addresses that never engage with your marketing campaigns, your list will have greater open rates and consequently higher click-through rates.

Lessen Email Marketing Cost

Cleaning your email lists will boost your profits by email metrics as you’re delivering high-quality email messages to only your best subscribers.

Most Email Marketing Services (EMS), such as MailChimp, charge by the amount of email messages you send and quantity of subscribers that you have.

Getting rid of bad addresses from your lists will suggest that your email marketing expenses will be less, hence you’ll get a much higher Return On Investment.

Less Bounces

Sometimes email messages will bounce, which implies that they hardly ever reached their aimed customer. What you might not be aware of is that too many bounces often have similar results as spam complaints that will harm your reputation.

Getting rid of bounced addresses will trigger the bounce rates to subdue and the deliverability of your list will greatly improve.

What to perform Prior to Cleaning Your Email List

Before you start scrubbing your email list, there are some additional factors you have to perform in advance.

Primarily, you should figure out why your email messages are bouncing. 

If your list is precise enough, and you find out that a bounce is occurring because of a spelling error or some other simple reason, then you can make use of a data appending approach to deal with it.

Also, performing two-factor authentication for your subscribers will help your list significantly.

If you can resolve the bounce, it’s often much better to perform that than eliminating the address.

One more thing you must do before cleaning your list is to consider and re-engage your subscribers.

Maybe they’ve just become bored of your campaigns and anything fresh and particularly fit to them will have them right back into the game.

How To Scrub Your List

Each email provider, such as MailChimp, will have various approaches, but services like with eHygienics, can instantly unsubscribe emails that bounce from non-active domains.

Next is to take all of your inactive subscribers and simply eliminate them from your list.

A free email list cleaner service helps with this as they’ll normally incorporate services such as email validation, typos in addresses, and so forth.

To wrap this article, ensuring your email list is well-maintained will enhance your email marketing campaigns and metrics and will make you a very successful marketer.

Contact now to learn more.

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