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5 Ways on How Email List Hygiene Works

Email Scrubbing

5 Ways on How Email List Hygiene Works

5 Ways on How Email List Hygiene Works

Let me ask you, how often you clean your email database? Are you quite sure that they’re 100% clean? Are you familiar with email list hygiene?

If you are an email marketer, it is important that you make sure to clean your email list more frequently to improve engagement rates, deliverability and avoid complications that may lower your sender reputation.

Naturally, you want your marketing campaigns to work out, get a higher engagement rate, successful deliverability, and a desirable ROI. All these you can achieve if you ensure that all your email addresses are working and valid, which is why regular email hygiene is very important.

Last 2017, there is research about global email deliverability, which shows 1 out of 5 email messages fail to reach the receiver’s inbox and get straight to the junk folder. This only indicates the significance of having a clean and updated mailing list.

How Does Email List Hygiene Works?

Once you noticed the decline in your marketing campaign, it indicates that you need to clean up your email list to shine again. Here are the following actions you need to do.

Eliminate Low Engagement Subscribers

If you noticed that someone or a couple of your subscribers hardly ever opens any of your messages, get rid of them from the list. They’re not obtaining your messages in any case or worse, tried reading them, there’s no point allowing them to alter your statistics and heighten your emailing expenses?

Watch out for Syntax Errors

An individual must be in a rush to fill-in their email address as “@mgail” rather than “@gmail”. This error will give you a non-active email.

Look for visible syntax errors as much as possible. Several email cleaning services provide this solution and will conduct it by means of software.

Keep an eye out for non-active subscribers.

If you’re sending out emails once a week and a few of your subscribers are reading them once a month, you may continue to email that individual– but not as frequently.

Mailing lists take some time to produce, and you don’t wish to drop a subscriber who might continue to be engaged. Yet, you wish to ensure you don’t acquire spam complaints, either, so you’ll need to lessen your contact.

Once you identify your low-activity users, you can transfer them to a different email list who will receive less often messages. less.


Low-activity users might continue to wish to engage.

Send out an email allowing them to know that you wish to reconnect and request them to click the confirmation link if they’re eager to receive further messages from you.

If you send out a re-engagement email message and your customers ignore it; therefore only send them few newsletter in a month.

If they responded, asked them to marked your messages as “whitelisted” so you won’t get directed to their spam folders.

Figure out why subscribers decide to quit

To maintain your campaign on course, you’ll need to know why customers are unsubscribing from your list. Did you:

  • Email frequently?
  • Fewer email messages?
  • Low-quality content?
  • Not providing targeted content to them?
  • Don’t provide any value?

Your mailing list might be experiencing some of these deficiencies; Or your customers might have too many messages on their inbox and decided to abandon it.

In either case, finding out why customers are pulling out is essential for the overall health of your list eventually.

To make sure you understand why individuals are quitting, see to it there’s an opt-out question on your “unsubscribe” message. Letting your subscribers inform you of their reasons for unsubscribing will help you make improvements on your web content and engagements for much better ROI.

Now you are aware of the steps of keeping your email list clean and learned how it boosts your ROI, get a far better hold on your performance statistics, save expenses, and ensure your email marketing campaign is working efficiently.

Furthermore, a well-maintained list reduces hard bounces and spam complaints. This will maintain your sender reputation high.

Conduct email scrubbing a couple of times per year– or any time you notice a decline in your campaign statistics. 

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