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When Is The Right Time To Perform Email Scrubbing?

mailing list hygiene

When Is The Right Time To Perform Email Scrubbing?

When Is The Right Time To Perform Email Scrubbing?

Practicing good email hygiene is crucial to the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. Yet how can you tell that it is time to perform email scrubbing? Here are 3 indications your subscriber list may be outdated and messing up your performance.

But what is email scrubbing?

Scrubbing your email list suggests managing it using an email verifier to extract not working, abandoned, spam trap, or disposable emails that hinder you from getting to the client’s inbox and cause you to end up in spam instead. In some cases, poor email hygiene can even get you banned, which means your emails won’t be delivered in any way.

Cleaning your email list out of these dangerous kinds of subscribers can take just minutes and deliver you concrete benefits:

  • Greater open rates
  • Increased traffic to your landing pages
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Stronger sender reputation  

Reasons You Should Perform Email Scrubbing

Losing ROI

If you are sending emails to 1000 people who never even open your email, you’re shelling out excessive funds to have them still in your account. Basing on the size of your mailing list and the email management software you use to deliver emails, your bounce rate might escalate because of these non-active accounts.

It is time for you to remove the non-active accounts out of your mailing list. This will reduce your bounce rate and keep you away from spam folders.

Being Flagged as Spammer

If your clients are not opening up your email messages, and you keep on sending them on a regular basis, there’s a great chance lots of spam traps may hail you as a spammer. To avoid this, you must eliminate email addresses of consumers who are never engaged with your promotional emails. Over time, it will simply improve your domain’s reputation.

Obscure Statistics

It is challenging to identify what kind of content works out for your business if the majority of your subscribers are both not obtaining your email messages, as well as opening them. Conduct mailing list hygiene and clean out that kind of subscribers so as to get a more precise data of whether your content approach requires some fine-tuning to accommodate the needs and demands of your customer. Keep in mind that is it also crucial to send emails to your subscriber list regularly. There is actually no rule as to how often you should email your list, but, it is necessary to schedule so your customers always remember who you are, which in turn helps make your sender reputation much stronger.

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