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How Spam Trap Removal Software Protects Your Mailing List

spam trap cleaning service

How Spam Trap Removal Software Protects Your Mailing List

How Spam Trap Removal Software Protects Your Mailing List

Referred to as “honeypots”, spam traps are a type of email used by ISPs and some organizations to identify and catch malicious senders. Even harmless and legal senders, like you, can find yourself having spam traps on your mailing list. Using spam trap removal software or services is the best way to prevent and delete these unwanted email addresses from your list.

Curious about how spam traps end upon in your mailing lists? Here are the reasons:
Pristine traps

These are email addresses posted on some public web sites, yet concealed to regular user. The only ones who can discover and market those email addresses are the users who make use of illegal collection procedures, such as scraping the internet for anything that appears like an email address. If you acquired these addresses by scraping them from web pages– or purchased a list, you may come with a pristine spam trap.

Recycled Traps

Recycled spam traps are frequently domain registrations or email addresses that used to be valid yet have been reused to serve as trapping spam. Some typical samples are role addresses (info@, sales@, support @) or email addresses of personnels who are not working in that company.

The recycled spam trap usually isn’t as dangerous as the pristine spam trap, yet will continue to induce issue to your sending reputation gradually.

Tips for managing your subscriber list

Don’t purchase an email list

Be aware of where your list came from in case you purchased one from a person. There’s a big possibility that your are acquiring a mailing list with lots of spam traps. Don’t put your sender reputation in jeopardy just by purchasing from illegal marketers.

Use double-opt in

making use of double-opt, you can guarantee that an email address comes from an actual person. It is a highly effective way to capture typos as well as fake email addresses that might be spam traps.

Validate and check new email addresses

Use an address validation tool and spam trap cleaning service to capture inaccuracies and non-existing email addresses before and after it lands on your mailing lists.

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