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Scrub Email List Now: Learn Its Importance

email scrubbing

Scrub Email List Now: Learn Its Importance

Scrub Email List Now: Learn Its Importance

Do you remember the last time you have scrub email list? Taking a few minutes to clean up your email list can be just as important as cleaning up your home or closet.

Every year, email lists decline by up to 20%-30%. Approximately a quarter of your list may drop off each year, contributing to your bounce rate (or worse, your emails may end up in the spam folder)! Your email marketing strategy has to focus on your active client list if you want to be effective.

The purpose of cleaning up your email list is so important for your business. We’ll look at when and how to start the process so you can have an effective mailing list.

Rather than sweating over your email marketing strategy, you need to focus on cleaning up your email list instead. Let’s get started!

The Importance Of Email List Scrubbing

What is the purpose of email list scrubbing? Since email scrubbing removes inactive subscribers from your list, it’s only natural that you’d want to clean it up, so your campaigns go out to active subscribers. There are plenty of tools to help you accomplish this.

Scrubbing your email list has benefits that go beyond eliminating inactive subscribers. You won’t have to do any further maintenance to your current email marketing strategy because it will automatically improve your open, response, and bounce rates. In addition, you can send email campaigns only to active subscribers – recipients who are likely to open them and learn more about your business.

Regarding email bounce rates, you will see fewer campaigns being viewed as spam if you scrub your email list. Additionally, having an active subscriber list will allow you to learn more about the effectiveness and performance of your emails; thus, reducing complaints about your emails.

Assume that you clean your email list, but your email campaigns still don’t perform well. With this information, you’re now able to workshop your current strategy while excluding inactive subscribers as a concern.

You can also save money by scrubbing your email list if you purchase email marketing services. Clients of marketing agencies or services are typically charged based on how many subscribers they have. With an active email list, you can reduce the costs of your marketing services.

Your business probably didn’t realize just how many benefits could be gained by scrubbing your email list. But let’s be real – cleaning your email list ought only to be carried out when it’s appropriate and when your list needs it. When should you start scrubbing?

What Is The Best Time To Scrub Your Email List

You can get a lot of benefits from cleaning your email list, but only if you do it at the proper time. So what are the signs of an unhealthy, “scrubbable” mailing list?

Subscriber lists with an unhealthy open rate or click-through rate are the first signs of an unhealthy database. A slight decrease may result from a number of factors, such as the email strategy used to send out emails and more. Nevertheless, if your open rates are consistently declining or remaining low, it’s likely that you are sending emails to subscribers who are no longer active.

Having a high number of hard bounces indicates that you need to take proper care of your email list. If your email bounced back to you, it indicates that the address was inactive for a number of reasons or that it was deleted. Email addresses that hard bounce should be removed as soon as possible from a subscriber list to ensure they do not affect marketing statistics in the future.

The next step is to break down your analysis a bit further and examine individual email campaigns. With the help of email scrubbing, you now have a clear insight into which campaigns receive spam complaints or have low click-through rates, and allow you to eliminate subscribers who might no longer represent your present target audience or aren’t interested in your email content.

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