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What is the Difference of Email List Validation To Other Services?

email list hygiene services

What is the Difference of Email List Validation To Other Services?

What is the Difference of Email List Validation To Other Services?

I’m pretty sure you have already heard of email list validation, but how does it work? To give you an overview, it helps you detect invalid email addresses and bounce emails, enabling you to maintain a clean list of subscribers. Marketers who send large volumes of emails should use email validation.

Your email marketing campaign must follow this routine to ensure that your messages are sent to valid, active and engaged email addresses. If you do not, it will negatively affect your sender reputation, email deliverability, and email marketing campaigns.

You can’t always rely on people filling out your signup forms to use a valid email address. It’s possible, for instance, to accidentally type the wrong email address. A person or bot might also intentionally enter a fake or malicious email address.

You must make sure that your subscriber list is free of invalid email addresses, no matter what the reason may be. That’s where email validation enters the picture.

Before you send an email, check the email address for invalidity with an email validation tool. In this way, hard bounces are avoided.

Email Validation Vs. Email Verification Vs. List Hygiene Services

Typically, email verification services provide you with a report stating a status such as

Valid – This status could indicate that the email is verified and that it exists, or it could mean that the email exists, is active, and accepts mail.

Invalid – The email validation tool has been validated, but the address does not exist. This means it is not accepting mail or is not accessible.

Unknown – If an email address condition can be specified, it falls under this category.

The emails in this category haven’t made it through the entire validation process. In some cases, this is caused when an SMTP server accepts all emails, regardless of whether they are associated with an account.

Do not send – A few email validation providers have a dedicated category for valid emails but harmful for senders. These email addresses that are well-known for leaving spam complaints or are affiliated with malicious domains.

Services may include additional checkups and list hygiene. In addition, verification and list hygiene services often produce detailed reports with information on value and risks beyond the basic categories of email addresses.

What Services Should You Go For?

There is a difference between each provider, so be sure to ask.

Some of the basic validation checks are likely to be available for free or at a low cost. However, free services may not deliver the comprehensive functionality of validation and verification checkups or may restrict the amount of emails addresses you can evaluate for free.

Verification services typically offer a range of validation, verification, and email list hygiene services at varying prices.

You will choose one depending on your budget and your goals. Your lists may not require in-depth verification if you follow good list hygiene practices.

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