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Email List Verification Service: Why Email Marketers Need to Use It

Account Verification Email Services Bend

Email List Verification Service: Why Email Marketers Need to Use It

Email List Verification Service: Why Email Marketers Need to Use It

Just like your home or your car, your email list also needs regular maintenance to keep its status healthy. For every email marketer, the mailing list serves as the lifeline for their marketing campaigns and for it to be successful. But ever wondered what needs to be done to make your mailing list is healthy? It’s called email list verification service, and in this guide we created, we will help you understand more about this service and how it will boost the success of your marketing campaigns.   

Are you aware that your email service provider (ESP) delivers less than half of your emails if they notice that your mailing lists comprise of 10% or more invalid addresses? If your open rates have been dropping lately, it could be because the messages you sent never gotten to the inbox at all. This is among the earliest signs that you have to start using email list verification services. Here are three reasons why you need it.

Get rid of hard bounces.

Hard bounces usually arise because the email address doesn’t exist, a fake email address, or was discontinued by the user.

Lowers Spam Complaints

Experts say that for each 5,000 email messages you sent out, you must obtain no more than five spam complaints.


Becoming blacklisted deters your email messages from having acknowledged by the hosting server.

Types of Email Addresses You Need to Eliminate

As I’ve mentioned earlier, a mailing list loaded with fresh, correct, and working email addresses is considered your company’s ultimate assets for your digital marketing campaigns. Yet, some significant issues lie on it, if not regularly checked.

Non-existent addresses

People switch jobs, positions, and even email providers without unsubscribing or updating their addresses. Their addresses instantly go non-existent, or your messages pile up on its inbox until it has overreached the storage quota and start bouncing.

Misspelled Address

Whether unintentionally or purposefully, many people cause inaccuracies and syntax mistakes whenever they are typing their usernames or email provider. Others even forget to type in the “@” symbol.


Consumers who need an email address to obtain a discount rate or free downloads yet don’t wish to receive promotions or follow-up email messages might use a one-time-only email address service. It provides a deliverable address that possibly expires right after a single use or goes to an account that they’ll never check again.

Role Email Addresses.

These are the type of addresses that are not owned by an actual person, yet they are authentic. Most of these are connected to a position role, such as “” or “,” rather than a person.

A mailing list that’s clogged with worthless email addresses wastes funds, effort, and time. One more problem: Those addresses depreciate your performance statistics, so you don’t know how effectively your email campaign is performing.

And one of the most crucial parts of sending to a stagnant list is that it can harm your inbox ranking. Campaigns with several wrong email addresses will most likely get routed right into the spam folder by major ISPs.

How To Maintain Your Email Address Data Clean

Data Quality Is Your Top Fundamental

Clean your mailing lists on a regular basis using an email list validation will determine outdated or inaccurate email addresses and get rid of them just before your upcoming campaign.  

Review Your Mailing List Consistently.

Review and eliminate non-engaging subscribers. Uninterested individuals can induce complications – if a subscriber has not opened any of your messages over the last three months, eliminate them from your list to minimize the threat of spam complaints and hard bounces.

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