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4 Important Signs You Need To Clean To Conduct Email Scrub

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4 Important Signs You Need To Clean To Conduct Email Scrub

4 Important Signs You Need To Clean To Conduct Email Scrub

If your marketing email never makes it to the inboxes of your subscribers, it won’t matter how compelling your message is. Sender reputation is harmed when emails are repeatedly designated as spam or bounced. This can prevent you from sending marketing emails in the future.

This is why it’s so important to maintain a clean email marketing list through email scrub service, where only addresses from people who have explicitly requested to receive your communications are included. Warnings that it’s time to clean out your contact list include:

The Deliverability Rate Is Having Trouble

Your email deliverability percentage is derived by dividing the total number of emails that were originally sent by the number of emails that were delivered to your subscribers’ inbox (deliveries) (sent or addressed). Although perfect delivery to all of your subscribers (100%) is the ultimate aim, a delivery rate of 95% or above is regarded acceptable in the business. If it’s at the bottom of your list, it needs to be cleaned.

FYI: Average delivery rates vary among massive email service providers, thus consult before choosing a service.

Lower Open Rates

The “sweet spot” for an email open rate is between 20 and 30 percent. If your average open rate is less than 20%, it’s possible that many of the people you’re sending emails to aren’t interested in doing so. It’s also possible that you’re trying to contact someone whose emails are no longer being checked.

If you want to send emails to people who actually want to get them, you need to do more than just clean up your contact list.

Poor Conversion Rates

The percentage of recipients who go on to click on a link in one of your emails after initially opening it is known as the click-through rate. People aren’t actually engaged with your material if they’re opening your emails but not clicking through. This could mean that you have to rethink your message altogether, whether it’s because the copy isn’t compelling enough, the offer isn’t exciting enough, or the design elements need to be tweaked to improve readability.

If your engagement rates continue to be low after you’ve made these changes, it may be time to prune your list and start over with people who are more likely to really read your emails and enjoy them.

Bounce rates are excessively high.

Your average bounce rate, as a rule, should be no more than 2%. If your email bounce rate is more than about 5%, most ESPs will lower your sender reputation.

Either a “hard” or “soft” bounce may be to blame for an increase in your site’s bounce rate. Usually, technical reasons, such as an overflowing inbox or a malfunctioning email server, are to blame for soft bounces. When an email address returns a hard bounce message, it means that the address is no longer valid or that the domain name is misspelled. Those emails must be removed off your list.

Inactive or invalid email addresses, or those belonging to users who aren’t interested in what you’re selling, might undermine the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, even if your list is quite large. If you maintain clean lists, your sender reputation and the rate at which your messages are delivered should both rise.


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