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Understanding Email Scrubbing and Its Benefits

email list cleaning service

Understanding Email Scrubbing and Its Benefits

Understanding Email Scrubbing and Its Benefits

Have you recently taken the time to conduct email scrubbing? Reasons such as lack of time, confusion on where to start, and fear of losing subscribers can all be cited for not doing so. Don’t let those fears get in the way of giving your email marketing lists the attention it deserves. Taking the time to do so will result in a much cleaner and more effective list of subscribers.

Just what is “email scrubbing”?

Scrubbing your company’s email list is like giving your subscriber list a good dusting before the new season begins. A comprehensive email scrub gives you the opportunity to remove inactive subscribers, duplicates, and garbage email addresses, all of which are common causes of email delivery failure for businesses. As a result, you’ll be able to rest assured that the people you’re sending emails to are actually interested in receiving them.

Email cleansing can also show you which subscribers are not on your mailing lists.You can increase the percentage of active customers by finding the ones that don’t respond to your emails very often and reaching out to them again. As a result, your mailing list will be full of engaged individuals who look forward to receiving your messages.

Who should be removed?

The purpose of email cleaning is not to provide you with a database of your most devoted clients or customers. Finding out who to keep is as crucial as eliminating unnecessary emails. eHygienics can help you quickly and easily clean up your subscriber spreadsheets by highlighting and filtering the following types of receivers. But if your email list can be re-engaged, your efforts have been successful.

A. Duplicates

The first step is to get rid of any duplicate email addresses, such as those that are the same but have different names. Filters on your email lists can help you find these people, and removing them is a simple approach to make more room without really losing any subscribers.

B. Unsubscribers

These are the folks who have explicitly indicated that they do not wish to receive your marketing emails and who are highly inclined to flag them as spam if they do so. It’s unlikely that they’ll alter their mind if you keep including them in your marketing campaigns, and you could get in problems with data protection laws if you do. Do a quick search and remove any “DNC” (do not contact) addresses to avoid all those problems.

C. Spam Bots

Purchasing a pre-made email list in its whole for a price can be quite alluring. Most of those addresses, however, will be those of spambots that have no real interest in your advertising. Randomly produced number or letter sequences in addresses make them easy to spot. In spite of the illusion they provide, they are useless and should be avoided at all costs while sending emails.

D. Bounced Mail Addresses

At some point, everyone experiences a bounced email. There are two types of these errors: soft bounces, when the problem is just transitory, and hard bounces, where the inbox is permanently out of reach. Before you get rid of these addresses, make sure there aren’t any obvious faults in the email address; you don’t want to miss willing subscribers because of typos.

E. Inactive members

It’s up to your company’s culture and practices to determine what constitutes an inactive subscriber. If they haven’t read your emails in a long time, however, it’s a good clue they don’t want to continue receiving them. Improve the targeting of your emails to see if you can re-engage these subscribers; if they still aren’t opening your messages, it may be time to unsubscribe them.

If you’re searching for an exceptional email list cleaning service that is reliable, secure, and cost-efficient, then is the ideal option. Our advanced technology and experienced team of professionals provide a comprehensive suite of email list cleaning services that help improve email deliverability and guard your sender reputation. With our 24/7 customer support, you can rest assured that your email list is in good hands. So, don’t wait and visit today to get the best email list cleaning service available.

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