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Benefits and Drawbacks of Using an Email List Verification Service

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Using an Email List Verification Service

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using an Email List Verification Service

We feel there is a lot of room for improvement in the way email validation services have generally operated over the years. Keeping things as they are may be adequate if your goals consist solely of cleaning lists post-collection in order to remove inaccurate information. List validation is a common practice, but as we’ll discuss below, it can lead to a skewed perception of list quality and an over-reliance on validation to cover up bad list-building habits.

When thinking about working with a vendor, all you have to do is inquire about their past experiences. In the last year or so, what novel capabilities have they introduced? Where else besides after-collection address destruction does their platform shine? Validation can shift from a risk-reduction activity to a marketing enablement activity with the right combination of analytics and attributes to strengthen address collection at the source. Given that we are now fully aware of accuracy concerns, how can list validation services help promote valid, positive list growth if your main objective is to send to far more valid addresses?

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of email validation from a deliverability standpoint if you’re ready to dive in.


Reduce hard bounces.

You can improve the overall deliverability of your emails by getting rid of at least some (if not all) of the ones that don’t work.

Lower spam complaints.

In addition to the obvious benefit of reducing the number of invalid addresses in your database, email verification can also reduce the number of spam complaints you receive, especially for role addresses (such as admin@, sales@, etc.). Many people have email accounts with these providers; even if one of them has subscribed to your email list, the other users of the account may consider your messages to be spam and report them as such. You can likely reduce the number of complaints about your mailings if you use a validation tool that removes role addresses from your email list.

Save your time.

Keeping a clean list between campaigns and working with ISPs and anti-spam services to fix blacklisting problems caused by bad data can take a lot of time. A high hard bounce rate can cause your ESP to place sending limits on your account or even terminate it. Before sending, you should take hard bounces off your list so you can put your time and energy where it’s most needed: making interesting content for the people you want to reach.

Improve your campaign’s ROI

Improving the quality of your data will increase its deliverability, which in turn will increase the number of people who receive your emails and the amount of time they spend interacting with your brand.

Understanding your list’s email addresses

By checking your list, you may find ways to improve how you collect emails and manage your list. For example, if your mailing list has a lot of wrong email addresses, you might want to add a real-time verification tool or a “double opt-in” step to the signup process.

Reduce email-related costs

Most ESPs have a per-volume fee, so if you prune your list of inactive email addresses, you can lower your monthly bill. Save money while making a bigger difference!?

Prospect quantity and quality have increased.

Real-time email verification services from many companies can help you get more accurate email addresses when someone enters them in your subscription form. Having more active email addresses on your list not only increases your chances of making sales, but also helps you head off potential deliverability problems.


Overzealous mailing practices, like increasing unsubscribe and spam rates, can result from this. Fortunately, you have some say over this… Don’t make the mistake of blaming invalid addresses on list validation.

Overusing list validation tools to fix bad lists

Therefore, some marketers may resort to questionable list-gathering tactics that threaten deliverability. List validation’s goal is to improve the quality of your lists, not to magically turn a dross list into pure gold.


Validation services for large lists can get quite pricey if they are of high quality. The time it takes to choose a provider and check your lists should be included in the total cost of email validation. 


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