Why and How Email Cleaning Service Helps You

If you do not remove inactive subscriber or email addresses that constantly “bounce” back your messages, you are then putting your credibility as email marketer at risk. These also results by having your email messages to go directly to the spam box, or worse, your email address will be blocked completely. Using an email cleaning service will help you to avoid these consequences and also help you with having a successful email marketing and advertising campaigns.

How Email Cleaning Helps You:

  • Cleaning lists will help you prevent spam being considered as spammer which may soon lead to being blocked permanently. So, just keep on sending email messages to subscribers who are eager to read and participate in them.
  • Your credibility with both your email service provider and your audience specifically affects the status of your emails if it goes directly to their inbox or not. If your mailing lists are not cleaned up properly, chances are that you may seriously weaken your authority as well as the effectiveness of your message delivery. Make it a habit now in cleaning your email list and make use of email cleaning services so that you won’t miss any great opportunities whenever your emails wouldn’t get through your recipient’s inboxes.

Signs That You Need Your Mailing List Clean.

It is said that you need to clean your mailing list every 6th month, however this may vary based upon the volume and size of email messages that you occasionally send out. Even before and after your email campaign, it is needed to clean your email list. Here are the common signs of having not clean mailing list.

  1. The bounce rate increases at unusual pace that it commonly does.
  2. Open-rates keep on decreasing in a strange and unusual pace.
  3. An unusual increase in spam complaints.

This is why it is important that you check out your delivery status report; it will give you a heads up whether your campaign is not doing well. If you see any contacts on your mailing list that has the most severe deliverability results, it is a good sign then as to where you can start the cleaning with.

It is much to make use of email cleaning service to avoid these risks and to make sure  that you are only sending to leads that are willing to participate on your messages.

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