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Email List Verification Software: First Step for Email Campaign Success

Bulk email address list cleaner

Email List Verification Software: First Step for Email Campaign Success

Email List Verification Software: First Step for Email Campaign Success

The first step in achieving the success of your email campaigns is to make sure that your email messages are delivered successfully. Your messages must land on your client’s inbox if you want to have any significance. For this to happen, you need to use an email list verification software or services.

Explaining Email Verification

Email verification ensures that your subscriber list is 100% accurate, that the email addresses you own are working actively, and belongs to your target lists. It also prevents email messages from being marked as spam, reducing sender score, or your IP address blocked and placed on a blacklist. But you don’t need to go to an external verification service or use an application. Most of this can be attained by finding a reliable email marketing service with integrated features to validate and deal with the entire email list.

Email list verification is the procedure of identifying if the email addresses on your mailing list real and deliverable. The e-mail validity is evaluated through a mix of different validation methods and some proprietary algorithms. These include the following:

  • Checking the syntax of the email address
  • Checking domain/MX records
  • Role-based Account Detection
  • DEA (Disposable e-mail address) detection
  • HoneyPot/Spam Track Detection
  • SMTP verification and so forth

By the end of the validation procedure, non-working addresses are removed and you obtain a clean list for your campaign.

Why is it necessary to validate an email list?

You may have accumulated your email subscriptions from legitimate sources (such as the registration form, landing page, your website, etc.), but not all of your email addresses are 100% valid. Based on the study conducted by Jupiter Research, more than 20% of email entries consist of typography, syntax, domain, and some other errors. Carrying out something basic such as sending to an old list wherein a particular email bounce limit can trigger the ESP’s (Email Service Providers) threshold. And to elaborate it, bots continue to drive SPAM trap across the systems regularly.

Way too many bounced emails induce ISPs to prevent ESP. ESPs obstruct users with excessive bounced email messages. So, to prevent yourself from being blocked or considered a spammer, it is necessary to validate your list just before dispatching your next campaign email.

How do I verify or validate emails?

If your mailing list has just a few subscribers, you can do this manually by inspecting every email ID continuously. But chances are your email list reaches countless subscribers. Reviewing each email address would not only be long and tedious but also packed with errors.

The good news is, you can automate the procedure by using a bulk email address list cleaner like eHygienics. With this, you can avoid the challenge of examining all addresses, fasten the verification procedure, have a clean mailing list, and finally having your messages delivered to your subscriber’s inbox.

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