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4 Useful Tips In Finding a Reputable Email List Cleaning Software Provider

Email List Cleaning Service

4 Useful Tips In Finding a Reputable Email List Cleaning Software Provider

4 Useful Tips In Finding a Reputable Email List Cleaning Software Provider

It can be challenging to find a reputable email list cleaning software provider. You may not be able to get the support you need from some of them, even though they guarantee high accuracy. Certain services may detect other risky data, but what about bounces?

If you’re looking for an email cleaner but aren’t sure how to choose one, these tips should be helpful. The following factors should help you make the right choice.

Let’s look at why you need a list cleaning tool and how it will help you reach your target audience.

Importance Email List Cleaning Tool

According to a Data Marketing & Analytics study, most marketers claim that “email is king” since 73% consumers said they preferred receiving marketing messages via email. But how sure are you that your messages reach your target market?

If your bounce rates have reached 2%, it is the right time to clean your email list. The best way to improve your delivery rates is to use an email validation system to prune out the bad data you’ve collected.

Let’s look at some of the most important features an email list cleaning software should offer and how you can maximize the results.

Remove more than just invalid contacts

An email cleaner should remove more than just invalid contacts. Make sure the one you choose also removes:

  • Abuse emails – used by people who flag messages as spam.
  • Temporary emails – automatically deleted after a short period
  • Spam traps – these traps are specifically designed to prevent spammers from sending messages
  • Role-based emails – monitored by groups of people rather than individuals.

Must Offer You a Real-Time API

Once you’ve cleaned your email list, you can start sending emails again to give your campaigns a higher probability of landing in inboxes. Nevertheless, data will continue to decay, and even the healthiest lists will become outdated. Research indicates that this happens at a rate of 2.1 percent every month.

We can prevent this problem if we use a real-time email validation API or Application Programming Interface.

The API will allow the email list cleaning software to communicate with whatever platform you’re using to gather email addresses. It serves as a conduit between two applications. As a result, the system can check email addresses in real-time, ensuring they are valid.

By installing the API on your sign-up forms, you can keep your list accurate once you have it. Using the API will automatically reject every invalid email address, ensuring that your email hygiene is maintained.

Ensures Data Protection

It is crucial to discuss data protection with your email validation experts before you sign any contracts. How does a third party protect the information you provide them?

Start by asking if the company complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Using Email List Cleaning Service for Free

Almost all companies offer free trials. Please take advantage of it! Test several systems until you find one that works best.

Contact eHygienics and ask if a free trial is available. It might be the perfect tool in case your list isn’t growing at a rapid pace.

Additionally, you can validate single email addresses if you need to know whether someone’s contact is valid.

Contact now for more info.

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