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The Benefits Of Using a Best Email List Cleaning Service

email scrubbing service

The Benefits Of Using a Best Email List Cleaning Service

The Benefits Of Using a Best Email List Cleaning Service

Why is it crucial to know the best email list cleaning service and processes? How does it help with your everyday marketing campaign?

Sending mass emails to a newly purchased list can be scary. It is not safe to send a newsletter to them yet as it might affect your sender reputation.

You might have a list full of fake and low-value email addresses, which end up costing you time and money to filter through. There is always the fear that your bounce rate will be through the roof when you send out a bulk email campaign.

It’s likely out of control if you’ve been compiling contacts for years without touching them. If your data isn’t regularly updated, then your lists will quickly become cluttered with outdated information. 37% of email addresses change annually.

Keeping your email list clean ensures that you’re focusing on the right prospects instead of wasting time, money, and resources on unclean lists. Let’s go over the best practices for cleaning email lists.

What happens if you don’t clean an email list?

Continuing to use your unclean email lists is risky business. A few email bounces may not seem too concerning, but reduced deliverability contributes to a whole string of other problems.

All your email marketing campaigns aim to get information in front of eyeballs, maybe even a sale. You will struggle to succeed with your email marketing efforts without a clean email list.

Below are some of the main issues that you will encounter due to not cleaning your email list.

Damage your IP reputation

Using an unclean email list when sending your marketing campaigns can end up severely damaging your IP reputation. If you are unknowingly sending emails to spam traps, it will ding your IP address. Other factors that will damage your IP reputation include:

  • Recipients flagging your emails as spam
  • Low open rates
  • High bounce rates
Annihilate your deliverability rates

If there is insufficient data in your email list, then your email deliverability rate will suffer. If you have fake emails in your database, they will hit a hard bounce, but that’s only a tiny part of the problem. Deliverability issues lead to low open and click-through rates, which will reduce your overall conversions.

Increase Email Marketing Costs

Most email marketing platforms will charge you based on how many contacts you are sending to. While a few invalid emails won’t cost you a considerable sum, high volumes of email bounces can add up quickly. MailChimp will automatically remove hard bounces but won’t remove soft bounced emails until they have bounced seven times. When your emails aren’t reaching potential leads, you’re missing out on many conversion opportunities.

Spam Complaints

If email providers, like Gmail, believe that you are sending out spam, they will automatically send your emails to the junk folder. So, why would they think that you’re spam? When someone receives an unsolicited email from you or no longer wants to receive your content, they can report it as spam. If you receive too many of these spam complaints, then your emails could be blocked by ISPs, meaning that even those who want to receive your emails might not.


Personalization and segmentation is the key to marketing success. When contacts subscribe, they are looking to receive tailored, high-quality information that is relevant to them. Continuing to use unclean data lists can result in warm leads unsubscribing to your emails. Sending out generic emails that provide no value will result in unsubscribes. If contact data has incorrect information or missing fields, then you’re unable to target your contacts with data effectively.

Techniques For Cleaning Email Lists

What is the best way to clean your email list? Whether you decide to clean your email list yourself or hire a company, it’s still important to know what strategies are used.

Segment your audience

Cleaning your email list involves segmenting your contacts. By segmenting your contacts, you will be able to create personalized email campaigns that take into account their unique attributes and the stage in the sales funnel at which they are.

Your contacts can specify how often and what they would like to hear from you regarding communication preferences. Depending on their demographic information, geographical location, or the stage in your sales funnel, you can also segment them.

1. Scrub your active lists

Begin with your most active lists is the best way to start email cleaning. The people on these lists are the ones to whom you send the most emails. It’s possible to send email marketing to one bulk email list or multiple segmented lists. Start with those who are the most active and work your way down to the least active ones.

2. Merge or remove duplicate records

Duplicates in your email list can happen for a variety of reasons, as we mentioned above. Sending double messages reduces your ROI. Furthermore, any contacts who initially showed interest in you might put you in their spam folder or blacklist you if they keep receiving two emails from you in a row.

3. Get rid of spam email addresses

Spam email addresses are often easy to identify, although not always. In any case, you likely do not have enough time to search through all your emails to find spam traps manually.

Spam emails appear irrelevant, but they may look remarkably similar to well-known company names or words, making them seem genuine. Email validation services, such as eHygienics, can verify them for you.

4. Fix obvious typos

An extensive email list is usually prone to typos. Sorting them out can be challenging. It is easy to correct obvious typos, but the unobvious ones can be tougher to fix since you can’t simply assume they are incorrect. Even if the email address seems strange, that does not mean it is invalid.  

5. Make sure all fields are consistent

Cleaning up your email database requires consistency. Do you plan to capitalize names in your database? What format will you use for birth dates or addresses? Either way, make sure that every field is consistent.

What are the benefits of using an email list cleaning service?

Maintaining your email list on your own is a tedious process. It may take several hours, days, or even weeks to go through all your contact data to clean it up, depending on the size and condition of your list. Even so, human error is inevitable, so it won’t ever be perfect.

When compared to manual data cleaning, an email list cleaning service offers vast benefits. Here are just a few of the advantages of using email list cleaning tools:

  • Filter out potential fake emails
  • Bulk email verification (perfect for large lists)
  • Remove typos
  • Email validation
  • Time-saving
  • Increases the efficiency of email marketing
  • Personalization

Make sure you fix invalid emails instead of deleting them to protect your data.

Using an email scrubbing service can help you save a tremendous amount of time when it comes to cleaning up your data.

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